Learning keeps us young!

 A piece of art can be created by one person. However, creating a masterpiece is done by many people working together and believing in it, all types of intelligence to make it a phenomenon. 

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Do you remember standing in a store wondering, does she have this? will they use it? is it appropriate?

Store dedicated to carefully curating and categorizing affordable gifts for any one and all occasion. And, most important of all it takes the guesswork out of gift giving! Click for more information.

Connecting through CHESS!

Chess Boutique

Ecommerce store dedicated to the game chess.

You want to speak with Shakespeare,  jar jar binks, yoda, or jabba the hut – whoever your hero is, we have some thing for you. You want to make a chat app in Elvish – No problem! we got you covered. With 70+ translators and APIs we make drama teams authentic and your play a breeze to script. Click here to learn about fun uses of FunTranslations.

Shakespeare Translator
Fun - Translators and APIs
Technology in Education
Tinkering is US!

Everything Fonts

We do mean everything. 

Font directoryFont face generator, Font tools (editing, unit conversions, finding, managing and more), 50+ font convertors, and Fonts API for conversion, generation, hinting, subsetting, and more. 

Your fonts! Your way! Click for samples of how EverythingFonts is used around the web


They Said So

Quotes platform with Million+ quotes, world famous API, and a loyal subscriber base! From philosophers to celebrities, what they said matters and we must use it to pave our way through life.

Click to see some of the interesting projects created with TheySaidSo API

An image is worth 1000 words. A quote is worth 1000 images!

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