Make something wonderful, and put it out there. – Steve Jobs

We have unique splashes in different markets as eCommerce Retail stores, Publisher platforms, SaaS solutions, REST APIs, Mobile Applications, and more that converge into the Orthosie portfolio.

    Simple to use

    Serves the core community well

    Easily discoverable

    Readily accessible

A product that conforms to these simple rules does not need too much on marketing spend. Orthosie was built over a period of eight years with this principle. 80% of orthosie offerings do not need support and the control is entirely with our customers, allowing our development team to focus on bringing new products and features to the market.

A metric that is essential to Orthosie's success is the cost of keeping the lights on. We work hard to keep this cost low to sustain a platform that's valuable to everyone involved.

  • 2020

    Year of Changes

    Marching On...

    Quotes Rest Upgrade ✅

    Math tools mobile Applications ▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▱▱▱

    Reach..Relaunch..Relax! ▰▱▱▱▱▱▱▱▱▱

    (Curious?) Drop a note and we will keep you posted.

  • 2019

    Asteria one

    Gifts for all

    Taking guesswork out of gift giving! We CREATE, DESIGN, and SHOP so you could just BUY!

    What's E=MC2?

    Buy you next gift @ Asteria.One

  • 2018

    Jokes One

    Add a little humor to your life!

    How about a little scrum joke? More @ Jokes One

    Hey, Pig, I was thinking we should open a restaurant.

    What should we call it?

    'Ham and Eggs'?

    No thanks, I'd committed, but you'd only be involved.

    Build your next APP or workflow with our Jokes API.

  • 2017

    Chess Boutique

    Its a chess thing

    Store dedicated to all things chess. We started chess clothing because girls deserve fun shirts too.

    That MVP evolved into Chess Boutique - a curated collection of chess things you would be proud to own and love to use.

    Its never about one product and always about the community we build around it.

    Check out our other chess solutions.

    Chess Gallery - Game Ref API

  • 2016

    Math Tools

    To fulfill SUM needs

    What did one math book say to the other?

    Don’t bother me. I’ve got my own problems!

    Math is a big part of this household, from homework problems to business metrics. Equaimages, an Online equation generator was part of Tools Web Top. With considerable user traffic this tool needed a space of its own with its own people. Math Tools was launched with Equaimages, Multiplication tables, Numbers API, and all the essential calculators and unit converters we cannot survive without.

  • 2015

    Fun Generators

    Trivia | Names | Passwords | Swear | ... and More

    With nearly 100 generators you are covered for almost all moments of your life.

    Are you lost for a swear in the middle of an argument?

    Want to quote a trivia to feel important?

    Need an unbreakable password?

    Name your new business, pet, or pokemon?

    We did not forget you amazing digital builders. Fungenerators API gives access to the full set of generators available at Fun Generators so that you can integrate them in your workflow or an app.

  • 2014

    Fun Translations

    Let drama rule!

    You want to speak with Shakespeare, jar jar binks, yoda, or jabba the hut – whoever your hero is, we have some thing for you. You want to make a chat app in Elvish – No problem! we got you covered. With 70+ translators and APIs we make drama teams authentic and your play a breeze to script.

    Fun Translations API gives access to the full set of translators available at Fun Translations so that you can integrate them in your workflow or an app.

  • 2013

    Everything fonts

    Fonts - Converters|Generators|Tools

    We do mean everything.

    Font directory, Font face generator, Font tools (editing, unit conversions, finding, managing and more), 50+ font convertors, and Fonts API for conversion, generation, hinting, subsetting, and more.

    Your fonts! Your way!

    Click here for some of our use cases.

  • 2012

    They said so

    An Inspiration Platform

    Quotes platform with Million+ quotes, world famous API, and a loyal subscriber base! From philosophers to celebrities, what they said matters and we must use it to pave our way through life.

    Click to see some of the interesting projects created with TheySaidSo API

  • 2011